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Billberry Platform Works For Every Food Business

Hassle-free scaling of your business without changing platform at all even if you grow from one store to 100+ stores

Procurement Management

Precise procurement saves a lot of money for you. Whether you have centralized or decentralized procurement, you need a complete eye on your procurement for accurate measurement of food cost. As wise people say “First profit comes from your procurement”. Billberry will also help you to monitor your payment against your procurement to avoid issues like double payment, inaccurate billing etc.

Production Management

With the Billberry system, you can monitor how much production is processed against your demand. Moreover, our state of art production (or manufacturing) management keeps your team aware of how much raw material is required for your overall demand of finished/semi-finished food. So now it is easy to monitor; how your kitchen is operating.

Supply Chain Management

We ease your supply chain due diligence with well-established processes which enable you to deliver the right products to the right place keeping your operations under control. Billberry supports all supply chain models like centralized, decentralized, or hybrid (central kitchen + fixed suppliers). Billberry also helps you to keep track of local purchases also which help you to guide business swiftly for your every location. Dispatch only available production material keeps your locations happy along with your operation team.

Point Of Sale System

We engineered an Omni-channel POS with proven smart techniques to give you the best return on investment (ROI). Improve your sale through cross-selling & upselling, schemes & offers, QR Code-based ordering system, 3rd party delivery service integration (Zomato, Swiggy), or set up your online store, etc. You can leverage improved customer engagement through eBills & feedback, loyalty & reward point system, captain ordering app, etc. You can also run our POS in offline mode so if there is no internet still you can punch bills into the system.

Inventory & Stock Management

Hassle-free stock management is always a challenge; we just simplify the processes right from a central kitchen to a single outlet. You can easily monitor your stock with our real-time stock & inventory tracker for every location whether it is a central kitchen or store. You can also monitor physical stock against ideal stock through standard recopies.

Intuitive Reports & Analysis

Monitor anything from anywhere through your mobile with our real-time dashboard data analysis. Improve your decision-making through data & analysis available at your fingertips. Our meticulous analytical reports help you to thrive in maximizing profits.

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