POS Designed To Grow Food Business For Solo Food Entrepreneurs
Billberry POS Software is aimed to empower every food outlet owner with features like Fast Billing, Online Orders, Inventory & Stock, Scheme & Promotions, Analytical Insights, Loyalty & Rewards, and more.

Customised POS System For Different Outlet Types

Different food businesses ask for specific POS requirements. Billberry POS fills them all.

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Our Strong Product Pillars

Strong Product Pillars

Fast Billing

A user friendly POS designed with shortkeys to improve billing time. Serve more customers without long queue.

Analytical Insights

An eye opening analytics that leads you to meticulous details to run and grow your business.

Customized Orders

Customize your orders, Customize product prices, up-sell or cross-sell your products as per customer needs.

Inventory & Stock

Stock monitoring with our real-time stock & inventory tracker, know your stock at your finger tips.

Scheme & Promotions

Design and run schemes and promotions like BOGO, Combo offers etc. as per your requirement, anytime, any-day, anywhere.

Loyalty & Reward

Accelerate your loyalty cycle and increase repeat customer base with loyalty and reward programs. Encourage faithful customers with rewards as per buying patterns.

Manage Online Orders

Manage multi-channel online orders from 3rd Party aggregators like zomato and swiggy from single place etc.

Manage Expenses

Manage and define all your expenses as per your requirements to stop revenue leackages.

QR Based Ordering

Contactless ordering system with no app installation needed. Generate prepaid orders and design your digital menu.

Customer Engagement

Get customer feedback automaticlly over sms to know your brand's quality of service (QOS).



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Join the revolution with 1000+ happy customers alerady utilizing billberry platform. Save time, increase earnings, and gain better insights into business performance.

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