Contactless Delivery & Ordering System Is Must To Fight Corona For Restaurants

Contactless Delivery & Ordering system for restaurants

COVID19 has changed the way of business for restaurant industry.

The most challenging part is to bring back the trust from your customers.

Although corona virus pandemic has damaged businesses severely but we are optimistic that bending few things can win more customers to you during these challenging times.

If you are feeling being in Stone Age than exactly think like how you have grown your business when there was no internet, no technology, answer is “Trust”.

Restaurant Management System – Free Demo

A common saying is:

When everyone is slow, you need to run & earn the fame you never imagined.

Now, it is a time to turn adversity into opportunity and the best restaurant management software like Billberry can definitely help you achieve it.

There are a lot of challenges of starting a fine dine restaurant in these pandemic era but if you already own a restaurant business then you better stick to the plan on improving and growing it by conquering these challenging circumstances.

It takes lots of efforts to improve trust factors amongst customers.

Before we go into other details here are some common hygiene standards which must be followed:

  1. Maintain temperature register for your staff with at least 4 entries in a day
  2. Sanitize all surface frequently (once per hour at least)
  3. Good quality masks are necessary for your staff
  4. Follow other guideline provided by local Government like keeping list of nearby COVID centres etc.
  5. If possible try to disinfect everyone who is entering into premises with some low cost solutions. Or at least keep hand sanitizers for all your customers.

The Need Of The Hour – Contact-less Ordering & Delivery Platform

To bring more trust you need to implement contactless food ordering and delivery approach with the help of a restaurant billing software.

Many solutions is going to be implemented with different features but you need to be aware that this is the time you need to learn art of being more self dependent so to cut down food cost you need to rethink on 3rd party delivery (3PD) apps.

Following techniques will bring more ease to your business also it reduces your operational headaches.

  • Order On The Phone: Just like old days call customers, take orders on phone with QR code ordering, just provide them option to pay money online to implement contactless payment. It is easy also to schedule such orders for pick up.
  • Online Store: Opt in for platform which is same as your 3PD partners where now you can do the contactless food delivery to save the cost. You can also put easy pick up options to improve service.
  • QR Code Based Menu: Now there is no need to keep your menu on the table, your customers can scan menu and order whatever they want from their smart phones. They can also pay their bills using their mobile phones.

There are other things which you can consider like:

  • Writing temperature of your staff delivery boy on your parcel with sanitizer sachet is a good gesture.
  • Integrating above features with your Point Of Sale (POS) software.
  • Improving your CRM is necessity now so you never lose communication with your loyal customers.

We understand current requirements well and we have come up with the solution.

QR code based food ordering system that can be enabled with the help of a restaurant management system is the robust solution to fight these unusual circumstances.

We also appreciate if you can write down your suggestions to us.

We wish everyone a speedy recovery to your business & this new contactless payment & delivery POS system can bring more profits to you.

Restaurant Management System – Free Demo

Author: Deepak Vankar

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May 22, 2020