Tips – What To Do During COVID-19 For Restaurants Business?

Restaurant Tips

We all aware about a fact is the survival for Dine-in food business is going to take new face.

There are many uncertainties which are boggling your mind right now like:

  • How to resume business once lockdown will be eased?
  • How will cover losses and gain profit once again?
  • Do I need to diversify the business?

Despite of all above worries this PAUSE of business has given you a chance to verify a certain details which are useful for your future.

These are the list of activities where exactly you have keep your focus during this period.

Getting a robust restaurant management system should be on your list for sure.

Restaurant Management System – Free Demo

Think Of Ways To Make Customers Think Your Place Is Safe:

If you have full dine-in restaurant you can start thinking to invest in few medical equipment like Thermometer, Disinfection Sprays, Sanitizers etc.

In Los Angeles, restaurant Sichuan Impression is taking temperatures of customers’ at the door and denying entry to anyone who refuses or shows symptoms.

Also make social distance arrangements for sitting.

Also follow all Government guidelines making people safe via sanitizing tables after every customer visits.

Find Ways For Cost Savings:

Data from your restaurant billing software will guide you about purchase history, salary, expenses which can guide you about your “Food Cost“.

In case you own a franchise business then the best food franchise management software like Billberry would do the same.

Now, you have to make some decisions like which menu items you can temporarily eliminate (those ordered less frequently) and which meals your most loyal guests tend to prefer.

Optimize Menu & Expand Delivery Options

  • Keep those items which has lower food cost and preferred by your loyal customers.
  • Try to include only those items which are quick to make and serve.
  • Run a cloud kitchen with tied up with online delivery partners with fast moving items only.
  • Partner up with other local restaurants as this is not the time of competition rather joining hands with others will win you race.

Get Creative With Promotions and Delivery

  • Mini Restaurant Week: partner up with near by restaurant to make safe weekend fun for everyone.
  • Work-From-Home Lunch/Dinners Specials & Co-working
  • Bare-Shelf Cooking Classes

Invest More in Marketing & Technology

  • To keep foot fall of customers during the coronavirus, put together special events, email outreach, and social media.
  • This is a right time when you can change your existing old POS system if it is not giving you information regarding food cost, COGS, expenses, purchase summary, stock management, CRM module etc. Invest in a market leading restaurant management software like Billberry that enables you to have every single detail on your fingertips.
  • Your new provider can also help you to get analytics from your past records also.
  • If you are a franchise than it is time to know performance of each and every franchise you sold. A right Franchise Management Solution for restaurants or best POS software can explored during this time.

The coronavirus pandemic is a worldwide crisis, unprecedented in living memory.

No expert or Government knows how long it will last, nor what the ultimate economic damage will be.

All we can forecast now is that if people become scared to gather in groups, the scars on both the economy and the society will last a very long time.

Think this economic slowdown as an opportunity to build real relationships between people.

Your restaurant is in the business of selling experiences — human experiences and connections that transcend food or finances.

The coronavirus is a peculiar crisis in that it deprives us of the one thing that helps people adapt to crisis: each other.

Your restaurant can be the place people come to get that connection back.

Restaurant Management System – Free Demo

Author: Deepak Vankar

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May 1, 2020