How A Franchise Management System Can Aid to A Food Franchise Business?

franchise management system to grow food business

As the name suggests, a franchise management system is aimed to manage different outlets of any business.

It’s a complete solution that manages entire franchise operations from royalty management to inventory and stock.

Read this article to the end to understand how a franchise management system works.

Franchise Management System – Free Demo

How A Franchise Management Can Aid To Food Business?

Any food business that has more than one outlet needs a franchise management system to streamline all the business operations that they encounter on everyday basis.

A robust franchise management system like Billberry is made solely by keeping in mind the requirements of the food business.

It understands the needs of a food business and provides exactly the same.

It helps you manage everything from procurement to supply chain with ease of mind.

Increasing restaurant sales and attracting more customers is easy with the right solution.

The benefits of using a franchise management system for a food business are numerous.

An industry leading Franchise management system like Billberry can offer features that are actually beneficial for your business.

Below we have discussed some of the features that Billberry offers, they all are very beneficial to grow any food business whether it be a chain of Restaurants, Pizzeria, Café, Cloud Kitchen, QSR, Bakery, Sweet Shop, Bars & Pubs, and more.

Centralized Operations With A Food Franchise Management System

It is easier to manage everything with your food business because with Billberry, now you have the ability to manage everything from a single dashboard.

Just by sitting at your headquarters, you can monitor everything from inventory to sales.

Centralized operations control lets you keep tabs on every aspect of your food business from a single location.

If you are currently running solo with just one food business outlet, then you can align operations in food business to become a food franchise with a reliable solution like Billberry.

Managing Royalty Cycle With The Help Of A Food Franchise Management System

Royalty management is easier to manage than ever before with Billberry.

Franchisee outlets need to make regular royalty payments and requires a system to manage the same.

Only a few franchise management systems offer this feature and Billberry is one of them.

Never forget to make the regular payments with all the necessary insights just by implementing the right FMS at your food business outlet.

Multi Pricing At Different Outlets With A Food Franchise Management System

Different outlets often times requires to maintain different pricing for the same item on their menu.

This is possible with Billberry franchise management system.

It enables you to maintain multi pricing for your menu items so that you can easily maintain and keep multi pricing according to your business requirements.

Franchise Management System – Free Demo

Audit Management Module With A FMS

This is one of the most exclusive features that Billberry franchise management system offers.

This audit management system lets the owner of the food business franchise make it mandatory to make a set of certain questions.

For example, if the outlet staff is maintaining the dress code properly or whether proper cleanliness is maintained at the outlet.

The staff can also add live pictures to the module and update it on the regular basis.

This way the owner of the franchise business can stay be assured that all the operations are taken care precisely at the food business outlet.

Run Different Scheme And Promotions On Different Outlets

Schemes and promotions are the key to entice customers.

There are often times like special occasions and festivals when the business owner requires to maintain different schemes and promotions on different outlets.

It can be easily done with Billberry franchise management system.

Running the right schemes also leads to more sales and generates more revenue for your business.


The right franchise management system can grow your food business by providing all the excellent features listed above.

Billberry FMS (Franchise Management System) is something that you require for your food business to grow because there’s got to be a reason why it’s being used by food businesses throughout the globe.

Franchise Management System – Free Demo

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September 19, 2022