Benefits Of QR Code Based Menu For Your Customers – Be Contact Less With New Normal


Food industry is facing so many challenges to adapt “New Normal” post COVID era.

One of the key area is how do you make your customers order their favorite food with all safety norms.

New trend is becoming popular for providing QR Code based digital menu to their customers so that they can view their favorite dishes and order without any touching anything with the help of QR code menu ordering feature.

Restaurant Management System – Free Demo

Let’s explore basic features of this QR Code Based digital menu provided by Billberry franchise management solution for your restaurants, QSR, Coffee shop, sweet shop, bar & food trucks.

Product image with basic description of product is main ingredient here because if a person is not able to see how their food will look like than possibly they are not going to order it.

If you can provide “Easy To Share” option on social media people can share your menu with their friends which can bring you more business.

POS software that comes along a restaurant management system providers now integrating this feature to get following benefits:

Safety Of Customers & Staff Through Contact Less Experience

Your business can be operated easily with social distancing; no one has to really stand to take orders near to customers.

This way your restaurant staff and customers remain safe with this new normal ordering system.

Improve Turn Around Time (TAT)

You will experience better TAT as this QR Code based ordering system that comes with the best franchise software eliminates time of taking orders from one person to another.

Also in the mean time your operations will also improve as whenever customer is ordering anything it is directly going to your POS system on real-time basis.

Up Sale & Cross Sale Benefits

You can think digital menu or QR code for menu as your virtual assistant to customers that is provided by a restaurant management software.

You can always show recommended items at the top where customers are getting attracted more to order.

Attractive photos & precise description of product will explain your products to customers.

Decrease Manpower Required To Support Operations

With our POS software for solo food entrepreneurs, you are now eliminating captains to take order for you with the help of QR code menu app.

So if you are struggling with staff issues, this QR code ordering system is best tool to fight with this issue.

Increase Repeat Customer Rate With Integrated CRM

Integration with “Loyalty + CRM” programs will increase your repeat customer rates.

You are automating everything for them in a safest way possible.

With a current new normal trend we have launched this contactless ordering and delivery platform for you.

We also appreciate if you can write down your suggestions to us if we have missed anything.

We wish everyone a speedy recovery to your business & this new QR code based digital menu system can bring more profit to you.

Restaurant Management System – Free Demo

Author: Deepak Vankar

Deepak Vankar is a SEO (Search Engine Optimizer), Digital Marketer, and Content Writer. With years of working experience, he has incorporated exceptional skills.

July 2, 2020