How to Start an Ice-Cream Parlour in India in 2022?

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According to a report, the Indian ice-cream industry would increase at a CAGR of 14% between 2021 and 2026, reaching a value of around INR 442 billion by 2026.

If you want to establish an ice cream business, you’re on the right path.

This article will guide you towards how to open an ice cream parlour in India.

Selecting Format For Your Ice-Cream Business

The first stage in developing your ice cream business plan is deciding what type of ice cream parlour you want to create.

There are numerous ice cream parlour types available today, including gluten free ice cream cakes, nitrogen ice cream, live ice cream counters, and others.

You can also purchase a ice cream business franchise of a well-known brand.

Buying an already established franchise might be a wise idea if you are starting the ice cream business with no expertise.

It will come with the best POS software for ice cream parlour like Billberry that would help you manage all your operations seamlessly.

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Finalizing the Location

Before deciding on a location, thorough market research should be conducted.

Because the majority of individuals buy ice cream on the spur of the moment, the ice cream shop should be easily accessible and have enough space for parking.

It is advantageous to have a parlour in a location with a high footfall.

Choose a position near markets, business areas, or family restaurants.

Make sure you are equipped with the Ice cream POS billing software so you can easily serve a sudden wave of customers.

Required Investment

An ice cream parlour necessitates a specific set of ice cream manufacturing equipments.

The primary equipment required is a cold stone refrigerator, which will cost between INR 2,000,000 and INR 3,000,000.

Aside from that, you’ll need raw materials for daily use, utensils, a storage room, and packing materials.

A backup generator for electricity is also a must while establishing an Ice-cream business.

The average investment required ranges from INR 5,00,000 to INR 8,00,000, depending on the sort of ice cream parlour you choose to open.

High-end ice cream business model can cost between INR 20,00,000 and INR 30,00,000.

You will also require a billing software for ice cream parlour and Point of Sale machine to seamlessly manage your entire business operations.

List of Licenses Required

To open an ice cream shop in India, you must first obtain the following licenses and registrations:
1. Shop & Establishment Act License
2. Company Registration
3. GST Registration
4. FSSAI License
5. Trade License

List of Equipment Required

  1. Ice-Cream Making Machines
  2. Deep Freezers
  3. Storage Cabinets
  4. Packaging materials
  5. Tables and chairs
  6. Cutlery and plates
  7. POS Software for billing

Types of Ice-Cream Products to Offer

  1. Low-fat ice cream
  2. Frozen desserts
  3. Frozen yoghurts
  4. Ice cream cakes
  5. Ice cream milkshakes
  6. Frozen Yogurt
  7. Sorbet
  8. Sherbet

Staff Requirement

Depending on the format of the business, you will need to employ ice cream chefs, serving employees, and cleaners.

You will not be successful if you do not hire the appropriate individuals.

Employee training is also necessary because your employees are your most valuable asset, so you must have a strategy in place for recruitment to avoid risks associated with ice cream business.

Market Research

Establishing a successful ice cream parlour begins with extensive market research.

Conduct market research to learn about your clients’ expectations in your area, the options that are currently accessible to them, and look for opportunities that are currently missing in the local market.

Adding latest features like Qr based food ordering with the help an all-in-one restaurant management system that can help you grow your Ice-cream business immensely.

Start from looking for names for ice cream business because selecting the right business helps scale your branding and marketing game.

Company Registration

Individuals who want to start an ice cream manufacturing business must register as either a private limited company or a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).

MSME registration is mandatory for ice cream manufacturing units where the investment in plant and machinery does not exceed Rs.10 crores.

Regular Innovation

You should delight your loyal customers every once in a while with your innovations to enrich their experience.

Nitrogen ice cream is the newest addition to the ice-cream industry, and it has just become a sensation.

Experiment with new things regularly, and never stop innovating.

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A. Social Media Promotion

Engaging with your customers using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is an excellent approach to increase business.

Social media is growing more widespread in our daily lives, and because it requires little time and effort, it is an appealing advertising alternative.

B. Creating a Website

A website serves as a portal for customers to learn everything about your company.

Creating a website used to be a difficult task, but now you can easily construct a basic yet appealing website for customers with a few clicks.

Partnering with Delivery Partners

More and more people want to buy ice cream online therefore your collaboration with online food delivery partners like Swiggy and Zomato is recommended.

Ensure that your company is listed on these websites. Also, consider using other free tools to maximize your business’s exposure.

Loyalty Programs

Your brand loyalty model must include rewarding customers regularly.

It is an excellent brand loyalty strategy to build brand loyalty and retain customers.

Loyalty programs will not only attract new customers but will also keep your existing ones.

Advantages of brand loyalty are numerous and measuring brand loyalty on regular basis helps you understand your customers better.


Special offers are an excellent approach to entice visitors.

Consumers will be drawn in by the potential of discounts and fantastic bargains.

Lure your customers with fine experience to retain them for long.

You can use a complete restaurant management software that enables you to provide enticing discounts and offers to your loyal and new customers.

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January 5, 2022