QR Based Food Ordering is the Future for Restaurant Business

QR code food ordering

Safety measures at restaurants or any other business in the food industry has become mandatory after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Following social distancing guidelines and keeping people’s health in mind has become necessary for food businesses to survive in the industry.

You will be surprised to learn how the right restaurant POS software can help restaurant businesses to keep up with the new norms and provide a contactless dining experience to their customers.

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Contactless Dining Made Possible with Restaurant POS Software

With the coronavirus outbreak, customers started to fear touching any surface that comes in constant contact with several people.

Any surface that is often touched by a person carries more chances to spread the virus.

Dining spaces are places where people like to take extra precautions because they are more vulnerable to catching the virus in such establishments.

However, features like contactless dining with the help of a contactless ordering system or a QR code menu ordering can be considered the best solution for conquering such scenarios.

A feature-loaded restaurant management system like Billberry can help you provide the safest dining experience to your customers.

With QR code based restaurant ordering, your customers have the ability to select and order their favourite item from the digital menu.

The best part is, that customers, do not have to install any third-party application on their device.

They can simply scan the QR code available on the table and order their desired food item. The orders will be available instantly on the centralized POS system.

Benefits of a  QR Code Ordering System at Restaurants

a. Less Human Intervention

Customers always prefer less human intervention when they visit a restaurant or any food business establishment.

The less human intervention also means extra spare time for your staff, which they can utilize with other activities that can grow the restaurant business like upselling and cross-selling of products.

They can also explore the POS software or a restaurant billing software used at the business to find features that they can utilize to operate more efficiently.

b. Eliminate Menu Cards

A contactless payment and ordering system that comes with the point of sale software at your restaurant not only keeps your customers safe but is also beneficial for your business.

With the help of e-menu, you have the ability to change the menu prices and edit menu items with a snap of fingers across any number of outlets of your food franchise business.

Restaurant franchise management system like Billberry is the ultimate option for the same.

c. Maintain Hygiene Standards

Personal hygiene is one of the most important factors when it comes to dining at a restaurant establishment.

Point of sale system that offers QR code food ordering system let the customers maintain hygiene standards while also enjoying their favourite food items, making them visit your restaurant more often.

Restaurant Management System – Free Demo

d. Ease of Mind Experience

With the entire digitized experience provided by the best POS software company, right from ordering the food to paying the bills, customers can obtain an ease of mind experience without worrying about getting contaminated by any deadly virus.

Providing customers with the best experience will surely increase footfall at your food business.

e. Eliminate the need to shout

With the Billberry captain app, anyone from the restaurant staff can easily take orders at any table.

The need to remember the orders and to write them down on paper is completely eliminated.

The accuracy of delivering the right order to the right table also increases by a significant margin.

Billberry restaurant management system offers QR based food ordering, fast billing, managing online orders, and several other amazing features that eventually brings growth to a restaurant business.

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June 21, 2022