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It’s a great idea to establish your own sweet shop because who doesn’t like sweets. When you think about opening a sweet shop, you’re thinking of a business that will grow over time.

However, it is critical to recognize that the sweet shop industry is a very competitive market. Always start a business with a well-thought-out business plan. To run a successful business, you must be able to spot market weaknesses and fill them with your company’s offers in order to attract customer loyalty. Continue reading to learn the crucial steps to starting a successful sweet shop business.

Creating A Business Plan

Choose the type of sweet shop you want to open. Decide whether you want to make sweets in-house or buy them from a third-party vendor and only operate a retail store. Make a decision on whether or not you want to sell your sweets online. And if you wish to sell sweets online, then you will also require a reliable sweet shop POS software that will help you integrate your sweet shop business with online aggregators. Also, determine if your shop will have a seating area or will simply be open for pick-ups.

Make a plan for what is going to be the size of your business at first. The growth will only follow if you thrive in the market and the sweet shop business needs investment and time as the goods which are sold are perishable and cannot be stored. One should always be ready for bad days and thus also take care of the amount that is produced on a daily basis. Because sweets are perishable items that cannot be preserved for long periods of time, a sweet shop business requires both capital and time. It’s critical to keep track of how much is created on a daily basis.

Selecting The Location

Only if you choose the correct location for your sweet shop business will it thrive. Open a store in a densely populated region, even if there are competitors nearby. But avoid narrow places where other competitors in the same industry have already built their brand. It would be difficult to grow your business in that area quickly. Purchase or rent a space that includes storage and is large enough to accommodate all of your sweet-making equipment. Also consider having a sweet shop website for your business.

Budgeting & Loans

Getting money for your sweet shop business is one of the most crucial, as well as one of the most difficult task. The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) offers loans to those who have worked in the field for at least three years. These loans can be secured in a relatively short amount of time with the appropriate paperwork and eligibility. You can also turn to private lenders for help. Look for ones that don’t have a fixed interest rate and let you choose based on your credit history.

Franchise or Own Brand?

Partnering with an already established brand or a sweet shop franchise that has done most of the ground work can be a terrific idea. You should look forward to the most revenue generating sweet shop franchise in India to get a profitable business as soon as you open your sweet shop. Saving money on advertising, brand promotions and marketing can be considered another plus point. You will also receive training and business plan for maintaining recipes, and more from the experts of the franchise that you would acquire. Just keep in mind that the charges like royalty fees and setup costs before partnering with a well-established franchise. The best franchise software generally comes with the franchise that you will purchase. It will help you to manage the royalty fee and certain other recurring expenses.

Licenses & Permissions

It is critical to secure all required permissions and licenses in order to avoid any government disruptions. To open any food-related business, you must obtain numerous government permissions and pass numerous inspections in order to obtain a license to operate a sweet shop. To open a sweet shop, you’ll need to secure licenses, such as an FSSAI license, GST registration, a fire license, and a health license from the local municipal corporation, etc. If the space is rented, you’ll need to get permission from the landlord to utilize it commercially.

Acquiring Equipment

Make a sweet shop equipment list that you’ll need based on the kind of sweets you’ll be selling. Keep in mind that this is not the space where you can cut corners. Everything matters, from a refrigerator to a basic mixer grinder. Also consider purchasing a POS machine and a reliable POS software for sweet shop that would help you with weight scale integration. A complete restaurant management system would be a cherry on the top. It would make your sweet shop operations perform seamlessly. Purchasing necessary equipment is a requirement, and you cannot operate a sweet shop without it.

Deciding The Menu

Whatever items you choose on your menu, be sure that the items are always available and that you provide your customers what they want. It’s tough to keep customers for a long if you disappoint them. Choose a basic menu that will appeal to more customers while also leaving room for improvement.

Selecting The Workforce

Your chefs and sweet makers must acknowledge the importance of the quality of sweets and must not compromise on taste. They must also be innovative in order to create more varieties of sweets to entice more customers. You’ll also need other people to help with things like billing and serving. It is also advised to use an efficient sweet shop POS software to seamlessly manage everyday operations and makes you and your employee’s life easier. We recommend BIllberry sweet shop POS software for the same. Once you have a perfectly operating and revenue generating sweet shop, you’ll desire to build it bigger or open more outlets. Billberry billing software for sweet shop can manage multiple outlets as well and help you scale your business.

Understanding Your Customers

Keep track of which products are the most popular. You can use an all-in-one restaurant management software like Billberry for the same. All of the types of sweets you’ll be offering must maintain their quality and taste. Provide outstanding service to your regular consumers and pay attention to their questions and suggestions.

The Conclusion

If you want to effectively invest your time and money, you must do it gradually because there is no quick way to build a profitable business. Having patience is the key, your sweet shop profit margin will increase over time. The actions outlined above are excellent preparation for starting a successful sweet shop business that will pay off in the long run.


Contactless Delivery & Ordering System Is Must To Fight Corona For Restaurants

COVID19 has changed the way of business for restaurant industry. The most challenging part is to bring back the trust from your customers. Although corona virus pandemic has damaged businesses severely but we are optimistic that bending few things can win more customers to you during these challenging times. If you are feeling being in Stone Age than exactly think like how you have grown your business when there was no internet, no technology, answer is “Trust”.

A common saying is:

When everyone is slow, you need to run & earn the fame you never imagined.

Now, it is a time to turn adversity into opportunity and the best restaurant management software like Billberry can definitely help you achieve it. There are a lot of challenges of starting a fine dine restaurant in these pandemic era but if you already own a restaurant business then you better stick to the plan on improving and growing it by conquering these challenging circumstances. It takes lots of efforts to improve trust factors amongst customers. Before we go into other details here are some common hygiene standards which must be followed:

  1. Maintain temperature register for your staff with at least 4 entries in a day
  2. Sanitize all surface frequently (once per hour at least)
  3. Good quality masks are necessary for your staff
  4. Follow other guideline provided by local Government like keeping list of nearby COVID centres etc.
  5. If possible try to disinfect everyone who is entering into premises with some low cost solutions. Or at least keep hand sanitizers for all your customers.

The Need Of The Hour – Contact-less Ordering & Delivery Platform

To bring more trust you need to implement contactless food ordering and delivery approach with the help of a restaurant billing software. Many solutions is going to be implemented with different features but you need to be aware that this is the time you need to learn art of being more self dependent so to cut down food cost you need to rethink on 3rd party delivery (3PD) apps. Following techniques will bring more ease to your business also it reduces your operational headaches.

  • Order On The Phone: Just like old days call customers, take orders on phone with QR code ordering, just provide them option to pay money online to implement contactless payment. It is easy also to schedule such orders for pick up.
  • Online Store: Opt in for platform which is same as your 3PD partners where now you can do the contactless food delivery to save the cost. You can also put easy pick up options to improve service.
  • QR Code Based Menu: Now there is no need to keep your menu on the table, your customers can scan menu and order whatever they want from their smart phones. They can also pay their bills using their mobile phones.

There are other things which you can consider like:

  • Writing temperature of your staff delivery boy on your parcel with sanitizer sachet is a good gesture.
  • Integrating above features with your Point Of Sale (POS) software.
  • Improving your CRM is necessity now so you never lose communication with your loyal customers.

We understand current requirements well and we have come up with the solution. QR code based food ordering system that can be enabled with the help of a restaurant management system is the robust solution to fight these unusual circumstances. We also appreciate if you can write down your suggestions to us. We wish everyone a speedy recovery to your business & this new contactless payment & delivery POS system can bring more profits to you.

How to Choose the Point Of Sale System for Your Restaurant Business?

A point of sale system (POS) is not just some high tech cash register. It is a lot more than just a gadget that takes credit cards and records sales data. It can also gather data on inventory management, sales, customers, employees, and a lot more. The best food franchise management software can do the same in case of food franchise businesses.

Every new generation of POS software comes with new and improved features that make it the central hub of any retail business. Here we will elaborate on how to choose the best possible restaurant management system that enables you with a robust POS system for your business. That way, you can manage your business more efficiently. 

Make Your Business Needs a Priority

A POS system may be perfect for a small store, but won’t necessarily be an excellent fit for a bakery of a dozen of food items. A growing business or a startup might want to choose a system that can scale along with their growth. That way, you won’t need to change your transaction process when they hit high numbers. Invest in a restaurant management software like Billberry to crush your competitors.

In most cases, small businesses can rely on tablet or iPad based POS systems. This type of system is easy to use and portable. Also, it offers a ton of security features and operates in the cloud.

On the other hand, mid to large-sized businesses can’t rely much on this type of system and will have a difficult time managing their transactions.

That is why it is super-important to research for the best POS software. Make sure that you base your research on what’s used in your industry, by companies of your size. Talk to other business owners, read reviews, get quotes, and so on.

Integration With Other Systems

The perfect POS like Billberry should be able to connect with your other business systems, like email marketing and accounting software. The top benefit of this is that you get a lot of customer data without manually downloading it from one program and then uploading it to another.

That is why integration is something that should be on the top of your list when searching for the best possible POS system for your business.

Don’t Ignore Scalability

You might be running a small retail business, and you got just one store. But you might plan to expand soon.

The thing is that specific POS systems limit the number of outlets that can be managed using them. That is why you need to make sure that you choose one that is scalable and won’t limit your business once you start growing.

As a result, many business owners choose scalable cloud-based POS systems that support multiple registers and stores. Once you connect all retail stores, you will have a single dashboard from where you can monitor all of them and run your business efficiently.  

User Simplicity is Essential

A POS system may have an incredible set of various features. But that won’t do you much good if they are part of a program that is difficult to understand and use. You don’t want to list the user manual for every little thing. Plus, even if you learn it through and through, you need to make sure all of your employees know how to use it as well.

That is why you need to have a crack at it before you make your final decision. The unwritten rule is the simpler the UI, the better. That way, every user can easily learn to use the POS system, and you won’t need to spend time teaching others or listing the manual every time you are stuck with some features.

Look For POS Systems With Specific Features

Every business has its own specific needs and requirements. Nowadays, POS systems have features designed to fit individual businesses and industries. It’s one thing to buy a POS for a hotel, another for a restaurant, and a way different one for a mechanic shop. Each one of them has unique requirements and needs. There isn’t one POSto fit them all. Plus, the size of the business plays an immense role. The type of POS that serves perfectly a small shoe store may not be fit for a massive one. That’s why you need to consider both the specific needs of your business and the size of it.

For example, a typical restaurant will require a POS system that allows splitting the check, make table reservations, track product status, accept online orders, add tips, and so on. You won’t need most of those features if you run a small coffee shop or a cleaning service.  

In Conclusion

Choosing a POS system is no rocket science, nor should it be. However, if you neglect some of the points made here, you might end up with one that simply doesn’t meet all of your needs. That is why it’s essential to do your research first, so you won’t have to worry later.

We have a best POS Software in our mind for you. Please visit https://www.billberrypos.com to know the potential of POS system.