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What Is Hybrid POS System: Managing Data Both Online & Offline

A point of sale system is the most crucial technological element in a restaurant. It has practically become a requirement in modern times to run any food business efficiently. However, if you are not using a hybrid POS system or are unaware of what one is, your company may miss out on a lot of business opportunities. This post will attempt to explain what a hybrid POS system is and how it can help you scale your restaurant or food business.

A hybrid POS system combines the convenience of a cloud-based POS with the dependability of a local POS. This groundbreaking method helps restaurants optimize income, save time and money, and provide a smooth guest experience at all times by minimizing service disruptions when the Internet goes down.

Overview of A Hybrid POS System

You might be new to the restaurant industry and maybe curious to learn what a POS system is and how to choose the correct POS system, with this article we’ve attempted to explain a POS system and all other main variables linked with it.

A hybrid POS simply combines the characteristics of a local POS system with the features of a cloud POS system to build a dependable network that does not obstruct operations when your Internet goes down. We’re all aware that an internet connection can go down during busy business hours, and you’ll need a dependable method to deal with such problems. To completely comprehend how a hybrid POS system works, we must first examine the distinctions between a cloud-based POS and a local POS system. It will give you in-depth knowledge of both systems and will eventually assist you in accurately learning the full point of a hybrid POS system.

What is a Local POS System?

A local POS system can be easily connected to old computer days, when all the data was captured and stored on a single computer at a single location. Data loss is more likely to happen with this type of system as compared to a cloud-based POS system or a hybrid POS system.

Any information created and saved in a local POS system is saved to a closed network on a local server. Any data gathered or curated with the assistance of a local POS system can only be accessed through the POS system that acquired the data. This eventually means that you’ll have to visit your restaurant in person to study sales data, check inventory levels, or access any other POS-related information. In contrast to a hybrid POS system, the data cannot be accessed from another site. According to current industry norms, this type of system is considered old school.

What is A Cloud POS System?

Data is stored in the cloud using cloud POS systems. This simply allows data to be accessed from any location by logging in using any supported device. This means that any order information entered into one POS terminal may be seen and accessed quickly on other POS terminals or linked devices. This makes it incredibly easy to access and evaluate vital company data, as well as make informed business decisions.

With cloud-based POS software, you can monitor your company’s performance from any location, whether it’s your house or a holiday beach resort.

What is A Hybrid POS System?

A hybrid POS solution incorporates the cloud-based POS system’s remote capabilities with the dependability of a local POS system. The hybrid POS system combines the best characteristics of both local and cloud-based POS systems.

We are all aware that no matter how good and dependable our internet connection is, it can always go down at critical business moments. For such situations, you require a POS solution that works flawlessly. This means that, as opposed to a solely cloud-based system that is completely dependent on an Internet connection, you need a restaurant POS software, such as a hybrid POS system, that can keep your food business running even if the Internet connection is broken. When an internet connection is available, the data can be combined and transferred to the cloud.

In the event of an Internet outage, data from a hybrid POS system is saved to a local server. With this capability, you can keep your business functioning even when the internet is down. When the connection is restored, the locally saved data is uploaded to the cloud, where it may be accessed from any location. With the correct hybrid POS system, it becomes easier to handle the full food industry operations effectively.

Leveraging Online Platforms To Increase Customer Footfall At Restaurant

Online ordering systems are a great way to boost customer loyalty. It is no secret that customers are more likely to order food from their favorite restaurants when they can do it on the go. In this article, we will share some of the most effective strategies that restaurants have used to increase customer loyalty through online ordering systems. We will also share some tips for how you can use these strategies in your own restaurant.

The first and foremost strategy is to get a reliable restaurant management software for offering lucrative discounts and offers. This is a great way to incentivize customers who might not otherwise order food from your restaurant because they want the convenience of ordering on their phone or laptop rather than waiting in line at the counter or calling ahead. Continue reading to learn the best strategies for growing your restaurant business by leveraging online platforms.

Create a well-designed website to increase online orders at restaurant business

A user friendly and appealing website can grow your restaurant business by a great margin. The restaurant owner can create a website to increase orders, which includes the following features:


The restaurant owner can upload the menu of their restaurant on the website and make it available for order. It makes it easier for customers to select the food item of their choice while sitting at their home in their comfort zone.


Customers can place an order through the website and it will be delivered to them. The order will be directly received on your restaurant POS software like Billberry and your staff can easily execute the order hassle free.

Social Media Integration

The website can integrate with social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to promote a restaurant’s menu items. You can also promote short videos of your restaurant’s ambiance. This strategy is proven to attract more and more millennials.

Customer Feedback

Customers can leave feedbacks on their orders on the website. To be honest, feedbacks can be both positive and negative at the same time. But a positive feedback will enhance your brand goodwill while on the other hand, a negative feedback will help you improve your services and business operations.

Leveraging Social Media Platforms

A restaurant owner needs to understand how to use social media marketing in order to expand their company’s reach. Social media platforms provide an opportunity for any food business to reach a broader audience. There are many social media platforms that can be used to increase online orders at a restaurant. Some of them are Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.
Social media platforms provide an opportunity for these restaurant owners to reach a broader audience and promote their menu items.

A restaurant management system can also help restaurant owners or solo food entrepreneurs with this process by providing the required tools. You can send offers and promotions with the help of a restaurant management system to your loyal customers every once in a while. So that your restaurant business can deep dive into your customers thoughts.

Investing in a Restaurant Management System

A restaurant management system is a computer-based system that manages all the aspects of a restaurant. These systems are designed to make day-to-day tasks easier and more efficient.
A restaurant billing software can be used to manage inventory, take orders, and generate reports on customer feedback. They can also be used to generate menus, track food costs, and help with marketing efforts. The benefits of investing in a restaurant management software that offers a solid POS software for food businesses cannot be ignored. These systems have many benefits like increased efficiency, improved customer service and better financials.

Optimize Online Ordering Management

The restaurant management system is your go-to solution for managing, controlling and optimizing the online ordering. It can also be used to monitor the performance of the staff, track inventory and provide timely information about customer orders.

The system is designed to provide a complete overview of all aspects of the business. It is also designed to meet all needs of restaurateurs, from those who are just starting out to those who have grown their businesses into multimillion-dollar enterprises.

QR Based Food Ordering is the Future for Restaurant Business

Safety measures at restaurants or any other business in the food industry has become mandatory after the Covid-19 pandemic. Following social distancing guidelines and keeping people’s health in mind has become necessary for food businesses to survive in the industry. You will be surprised to learn how the right restaurant POS software can help restaurant businesses to keep up with the new norms and provide a contactless dining experience to their customers.

Contactless Dining Made Possible with Restaurant POS Software

With the coronavirus outbreak, customers started to fear touching any surface that comes in constant contact with several people. Any surface that is often touched by a person carries more chances to spread the virus. Dining spaces are places where people like to take extra precautions because they are more vulnerable to catching the virus in such establishments. However, features like contactless dining with the help of a contactless ordering system or a QR code menu ordering can be considered the best solution for conquering such scenarios.

A feature-loaded restaurant management system like Billberry can help you provide the safest dining experience to your customers. With QR code based restaurant ordering, your customers have the ability to select and order their favourite item from the digital menu. The best part is, that customers, do not have to install any third-party application on their device. They can simply scan the QR code available on the table and order their desired food item. The orders will be available instantly on the centralized POS system.

Benefits of a  QR Code Ordering System at Restaurants

a. Less Human Intervention

Customers always prefer less human intervention when they visit a restaurant or any food business establishment. The less human intervention also means extra spare time for your staff, which they can utilize with other activities that can grow the restaurant business like upselling and cross-selling of products. They can also explore the POS software or a restaurant billing software used at the business to find features that they can utilize to operate more efficiently.

b. Eliminate Menu Cards

A contactless payment and ordering system that comes with the point of sale software at your restaurant not only keeps your customers safe but is also beneficial for your business. With the help of e-menu, you have the ability to change the menu prices and edit menu items with a snap of fingers across any number of outlets of your food franchise business. Restaurant franchise management system like Billberry is the ultimate option for the same.

c. Maintain Hygiene Standards

Personal hygiene is one of the most important factors when it comes to dining at a restaurant establishment. Point of sale system that offers QR code food ordering system let the customers maintain hygiene standards while also enjoying their favourite food items, making them visit your restaurant more often.

d. Ease of Mind Experience

With the entire digitized experience provided by the best POS software company, right from ordering the food to paying the bills, customers can obtain an ease of mind experience without worrying about getting contaminated by any deadly virus. Providing customers with the best experience will surely increase footfall at your food business.

e. Eliminate the need to shout

With the Billberry captain app, anyone from the restaurant staff can easily take orders at any table. The need to remember the orders and to write them down on paper is completely eliminated. The accuracy of delivering the right order to the right table also increases by a significant margin. Billberry restaurant management system offers QR based food ordering, fast billing, managing online orders, and several other amazing features that eventually brings growth to a restaurant business.


5 Tips on Renovating Your Restaurant on Budget

The food industry has been one of the most badly-hit sectors of the economy by the Coronavirus pandemic. With fewer people eating out, restaurant owners struggled to keep healthy foot traffic. But now that things are looking up, with restaurant renovation practices, restaurants are getting ready and thinking of making some changes to their stores’ look and feel. 

Some of the challenges experienced by restaurants in India due to COVID were high operational costs (65%), lower margins (54%), rental cost (52%), hiring and retaining staff (41%), and competition (22%), according to Statista’s report. However, things are going to improve very soon as regulations loosen. Given the constraints and uncertainty, business owners are starting to see the importance of financial management in the food industry more.

But interior design is still important for restaurants as it’s usually a strong selling point for many businesses too. So if you’re looking to make any changes to your stores, here are some tips for restaurants to update their restaurants’ designs on a budget.

Have a Plan in Place

One of the biggest hindrances to restaurant renovation with a tight pocket is the tendency to go over the budget. So the first step to getting your restaurant a fresh look without breaking the bank is to actually plan out your renovation ideas. That’s where financial planning for restaurant owners comes in handy. 

Be as rigid about your vision and every nut, bolt, and nail that it will take to achieve it. The more detailed you are about your plan, the more confident you can be that your project will not go over budget.

Design for The New Normal

If you’re thinking that things will still go back to the way things were anytime soon, it’s time to start facing the facts. Things are never going to be the same anytime soon. So it’s best to make renovation plans around the new reality we now face. 

One important consideration to deal with the new normal is to have restaurant billing software that offers a QR code based contactless delivery and contactless ordering system at your establishment. So a few useful ideas would be to have a waiting area for food delivery riders and to create an extra lane for deliveries if you have over-the-counter ordering. 

One trend we’re seeing in the food industry is the rise of outdoor spaces as it’s safer when trying to avoid virus contamination. For indoor spaces, have negative air that allows the most circulation possible while still providing good ventilation and room temperature.

Incorporate Technology

COVID-19 isn’t the only factor that’s changing the restaurant industry as we know it. Mass digitization has also been affecting businesses but in a good way. At least that’s if you keep up with the trends. It’s important that your business becomes digital-friendly. 

In fact, social media platforms are essential for restaurant businesses. Sixty-nine percent of diners take photos of their food before eating it. Meanwhile, 30% of millennial diners don’t go to restaurants with a weak online presence.

One tip would be to focus on creating an Instagrammable spot so you can get free marketing online when you have people post photos of your space. You don’t have to spend a fortune on renovations. It just has to be memorable. 

On top of the visual aspects of your shop, you might also want to consider getting your business more adaptable to cloud-based franchise management system if you own a franchise business. Otherwise, you can have a robust POS solution for solo food entrepreneurs like Billberry that can effectively manage inventory management, production management, supply chain management and more. Set aside a budget to update your restaurant technology if you haven’t in a while when renovating. 

Using the best franchise software or a restaurant management system that can actually help you save on manpower hours because it removes many repetitive tasks like taking reservations, checking inventory, and so on. Moreover, it’s also proven to improve customer experience, thus building an avenue to increase your customer base.

Renovate in Phases

Practicing proper restaurant financial management means trying to look more mid to long-term as well. So remember that you don’t have to change everything in one go. You can always choose to renovate in phases. This consideration is even more crucial for businesses that might have to close their shop to make changes. By renovating in phases, you can still keep some parts of your restaurant open so that you can continue to serve customers and still make money.

You need to stay on top of your finances. That’s why you should have accounting software in place to help handle your numbers.

Focus on Resourcefulness

Entrepreneurs know best that the key to business success doesn’t lie in one’s resources. It relies on their resourcefulness. You don’t have to mess up your restaurant financial statements just to get a space revamp. In fact, even with just a few creative ideas, your space could become a whole new space without having to cut corners. 

Try to visit inspiration websites like Behance, Pinterest, or other interior design websites to get ideas for interior design updates. Work with a designer to select the best ideas that fit the theme of your restaurant without having to do any major restaurant renovations. Creativity comes not when we have all the money in the world, but when we work to achieve the same or even a better result.

Improvement Is an Investment

Practicing good financial management in the food service industry is a must. But that doesn’t mean we should hold on to every dollar. Remember that improvements are investments. Whatever renovations you make could potentially bring in more customers. And with more customers, your restaurant will generate the money you spent on updates and hopefully even more.

6 Challenges of Starting Fine Dining Restaurant in 2022

One of the most affected establishments during the COVID-19 pandemic is restaurants. Because of some business restrictions, they were forced to shift to off-premises channels and focus on food deliveries. Even certain services are made online, such as catering to customer orders and preferences and accepting payments at fine dine restaurants.

According to a report by the National Restaurant Association, it would be a year or more before restaurant business conditions return to normal. Moreover, 51% of customers admit they aren’t eating at restaurants as often as they like now compared to pre-pandemic. These uncommon circumstances require innovative technologies to fight covid-19. With these facts and statistics, the question lies: what are the challenges for restaurant owners?

How to start a restaurant business is a thought that comes to mind when you’re looking to start a fine dine restaurant and keep your business going this year, scan through these biggest challenges facing restaurant industry 2022. Before everything make sure you have the best restaurant management system to back you up.

1. Going Digital

With local business restrictions ongoing and more people turning digital for their needs, establishments must strive to increase their online presence. When starting a fine dining restaurant, make sure you have an active and accessible website displaying all your products and services. You should also be visible on top social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Some businesses do affiliate marketing where another person or affiliate will promote and sell your products for a wider reach. Influencer collaborations can be possible, but make sure you select the most suited creators. Lastly, restaurant owners should maintain good online reviews whether on third-party sites or on their website and social media pages.

Going digital doesn’t only mean your business is visible and accessible online after starting restaurant business. It should also have an effective digital marketing strategy to reach the right people and provide a seamless customer experience.

2. Keeping Up with Health and Sanitation Requirements

The COVID-19 pandemic has led people to be more aware of health and sanitation. With this, restaurant businesses are also expected to abide by government-imposed health and sanitation requirements and certain restrictions. 

For example, a restaurant can’t operate without proper ventilation and disinfectants. There should also be regular cleaning and inspection of kitchen areas, dining areas, and restrooms. Moreover, employees are required to maintain good personal hygiene, such as frequent hand-washing, changing uniforms after every shift, and wearing proper headgears and face masks. 

Moreover, you can opt for a restaurant management system, a franchise management solution or a simple point of sale software ( Restaurant POS SOFTWARE) like Billberry that provides you the feature of having a QR Code based menu to enable contactless food ordering system. Take the opportunity to entice your customers by providing them a safer dining experience.

3. Emphasizing on Takeout and Delivery

Familiar with Swiggy, Zomato Order, Uber Eats, and Foodpanda? These are all food delivery services that are continuing to rise in 2022. As mentioned above, customers nowadays prefer a contactless delivery than dine-in physically at restaurant establishments. Sure, the actual dining experience would be lovely, but COVID-19 has changed the scheme. 

Hence, it’s essential for restaurants to shift their services to takeout and delivery. Aside from being present on food delivery apps, you must also have an active hotline so customers can contact you anytime. You may also assign your staff to manage all social media and website inquiries and orders. The best franchise software could help aligning such operations.

With this, you’ll be more likely to engage with your customers on all platforms. Doing so will increase your sales and revenue and will impose a positive impression on your customers. 

4. Meeting New Customer Demands, Preferences, and Expectations

Consumers aren’t only expecting fine dining restaurant businesses to be available online, but they’re also seeking variety and new types of food choices. This customer behavior is mostly influenced by social media—what with all the innovative and exotic dishes introduced on Instagram, YouTube, or Pinterest. Using the best CRM tools can help you understand your customers better, which you can integrate to your restaurant management tools. 

Food bloggers have also influenced the tastes and preferences of customers. For example, most teenagers fancy South Korea’s samgyeopsal. Meanwhile, millennials look for different coffee or milk tea flavors. The older generations also prefer healthy dishes, such as foods with organic, vegan, or gluten-free options. 

If you want your restaurant business to stand out, you must explore new and creative dishes. Make them as exotic as you can while promoting health and wellness. Also make sure that your restaurant billing software allows you to add add-ons and variations according to customer preferences to your menu items. You may focus on a particular cuisine depending on your target market, or it can be a mixture of signature dishes across different continents to add more variety to your menu. 

5. Generating Enough Revenue

One of the top challenges in opening a restaurant is generating enough revenue. With this, restaurant owners should ensure that there’s accurate and profitable menu planning and pricing and that there should be balancing costs of providing delivery with profitability. Inventories should also be managed well to prevent spoilages and product depletions. 

Most importantly, restaurant businesses should stick with an efficient digital marketing strategy. Determine your target market well and promote your products and services on the right platforms. Adjusting to increasing food costs can also be helpful to manage your overall finances and make sure you get good sales and revenue. 

6. Recruiting, Training, and Retaining Employees

Restaurant businesses may be going digital, but employees are still valuable to the company’s overall success. Hence, you should provide proper training to your employees and help improve their customer service by investing in the best restaurant management software. Defining “best” isn’t what’s the most popular or most expensive, but what matches your needs best. With this, your restaurant operations will be automated and more convenient. 

Investing in your employees can be a risk, but when done right, you can recruit and retain the best ones. A well-trained team matched with the right tools and software can improve your restaurant workflow and will take your business to the next level. 

Facing the Challenges and Opportunities in the Restaurant Industry

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to problems. However, by looking forward to 2022 and staying ahead of operational challenges, your fine dine restaurant business can still be successful and profitable by the end of the year and in the coming years. Just stay updated with the best tips and trends and pin your restaurant on the brand new map of business and economy.


It’s a great idea to establish your own sweet shop because who doesn’t like sweets. When you think about opening a sweet shop, you’re thinking of a business that will grow over time.

However, it is critical to recognize that the sweet shop industry is a very competitive market. Always start a business with a well-thought-out business plan. To run a successful business, you must be able to spot market weaknesses and fill them with your company’s offers in order to attract customer loyalty. Continue reading to learn the crucial steps to starting a successful sweet shop business.

Creating A Business Plan

Choose the type of sweet shop you want to open. Decide whether you want to make sweets in-house or buy them from a third-party vendor and only operate a retail store. Make a decision on whether or not you want to sell your sweets online. And if you wish to sell sweets online, then you will also require a reliable sweet shop POS software that will help you integrate your sweet shop business with online aggregators. Also, determine if your shop will have a seating area or will simply be open for pick-ups.

Make a plan for what is going to be the size of your business at first. The growth will only follow if you thrive in the market and the sweet shop business needs investment and time as the goods which are sold are perishable and cannot be stored. One should always be ready for bad days and thus also take care of the amount that is produced on a daily basis. Because sweets are perishable items that cannot be preserved for long periods of time, a sweet shop business requires both capital and time. It’s critical to keep track of how much is created on a daily basis.

Selecting The Location

Only if you choose the correct location for your sweet shop business will it thrive. Open a store in a densely populated region, even if there are competitors nearby. But avoid narrow places where other competitors in the same industry have already built their brand. It would be difficult to grow your business in that area quickly. Purchase or rent a space that includes storage and is large enough to accommodate all of your sweet-making equipment. Also consider having a sweet shop website for your business.

Budgeting & Loans

Getting money for your sweet shop business is one of the most crucial, as well as one of the most difficult task. The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) offers loans to those who have worked in the field for at least three years. These loans can be secured in a relatively short amount of time with the appropriate paperwork and eligibility. You can also turn to private lenders for help. Look for ones that don’t have a fixed interest rate and let you choose based on your credit history.

Franchise or Own Brand?

Partnering with an already established brand or a sweet shop franchise that has done most of the ground work can be a terrific idea. You should look forward to the most revenue generating sweet shop franchise in India to get a profitable business as soon as you open your sweet shop. Saving money on advertising, brand promotions and marketing can be considered another plus point. You will also receive training and business plan for maintaining recipes, and more from the experts of the franchise that you would acquire. Just keep in mind that the charges like royalty fees and setup costs before partnering with a well-established franchise. The best franchise software generally comes with the franchise that you will purchase. It will help you to manage the royalty fee and certain other recurring expenses.

Licenses & Permissions

It is critical to secure all required permissions and licenses in order to avoid any government disruptions. To open any food-related business, you must obtain numerous government permissions and pass numerous inspections in order to obtain a license to operate a sweet shop. To open a sweet shop, you’ll need to secure licenses, such as an FSSAI license, GST registration, a fire license, and a health license from the local municipal corporation, etc. If the space is rented, you’ll need to get permission from the landlord to utilize it commercially.

Acquiring Equipment

Make a sweet shop equipment list that you’ll need based on the kind of sweets you’ll be selling. Keep in mind that this is not the space where you can cut corners. Everything matters, from a refrigerator to a basic mixer grinder. Also consider purchasing a POS machine and a reliable POS software for sweet shop that would help you with weight scale integration. A complete restaurant management system would be a cherry on the top. It would make your sweet shop operations perform seamlessly. Purchasing necessary equipment is a requirement, and you cannot operate a sweet shop without it.

Deciding The Menu

Whatever items you choose on your menu, be sure that the items are always available and that you provide your customers what they want. It’s tough to keep customers for a long if you disappoint them. Choose a basic menu that will appeal to more customers while also leaving room for improvement.

Selecting The Workforce

Your chefs and sweet makers must acknowledge the importance of the quality of sweets and must not compromise on taste. They must also be innovative in order to create more varieties of sweets to entice more customers. You’ll also need other people to help with things like billing and serving. It is also advised to use an efficient sweet shop POS software to seamlessly manage everyday operations and makes you and your employee’s life easier. We recommend BIllberry sweet shop POS software for the same. Once you have a perfectly operating and revenue generating sweet shop, you’ll desire to build it bigger or open more outlets. Billberry billing software for sweet shop can manage multiple outlets as well and help you scale your business.

Understanding Your Customers

Keep track of which products are the most popular. You can use an all-in-one restaurant management software like Billberry for the same. All of the types of sweets you’ll be offering must maintain their quality and taste. Provide outstanding service to your regular consumers and pay attention to their questions and suggestions.

The Conclusion

If you want to effectively invest your time and money, you must do it gradually because there is no quick way to build a profitable business. Having patience is the key, your sweet shop profit margin will increase over time. The actions outlined above are excellent preparation for starting a successful sweet shop business that will pay off in the long run.



In India, the bakery business has grown to be one of the most popular food services. People are in high demand for products such as pastries, cakes, bread, cookies, and other snacks.
In 2020, the Indian bakery market was estimated to be worth roughly USD 7.60 billion. Between 2021 and 2026, the market is expected to increase at an annual rate of 8.5 percent, reaching a value of USD 12.39 billion. 
Whereas, During 2021, The Asia-Pacific region dominated the worldwide bakery ingredients market, with a CAGR of roughly 6.6%.
This business model is unquestionably profitable, given the rapid expansion in this industry. If you want to operate a bakery shop in India, you’ll need a thorough understanding of how to start a bakery business. This blog will walk you through specific steps on how to start a successful bakery business in India.

Bakery Business Plan

The concept of your bakery business, as well as the type of service you’ll give, must be included in your bakery business plan. It should include information about your bakery’s layout, choosing the right restaurant management system, and service style. An overview of your restaurant’s legal structure and ownership and your restaurant’s future goals must also be included within your business plan.

Operating Plan

Elements that assist you in your bakery operation, such as order-taking, customer service, employee management, and more should all be included in your bakery’s operating Plan.

Marketing Plan

Your bakery business plan should also include a marketing strategy to increase your business presence. It should precisely elaborate how your business is going to attract clients and advertise your bakery.

Understanding Food Industry

Before you start a bakery business, you must conduct an industry analysis. It will assist you in identifying your bakery’s target demographic and analyzing local competition.

Financial Analysis

The operational costs, cash flow statement, and other expenses should be included in your bakery business plan’s financial analysis to get an overall idea of your business’s financial position.

Deciding a Bakery Format

These are a few bakery options to explore:

Storefront Bakeries

In all Indian cities, this is the most frequently found business. It can be started by anyone with a small team and basic baking skills. This business model requires a little more space than a standard grocery shop where customers can pick up baked goods.

Counter Style Bakeries

This is the most common and recognizable bakery format, and it has its advantages. With this style, you can serve any number of customers but because of the lack of a dining area, your options for serving meals and retaining consumers on-site are restricted.

Specialty Bakeries

These types of bakeries don’t have a large selection of products, but they do take prior orders for special parties and occasions. People offering these types of bakery services are highly experienced and their products are of greater quality and taste better, although they are significantly more expensive.

Food Truck

Launching a food truck is a low-cost alternative for launching a bakery business and can help you reach a wider audience. You can enable your food truck with baking equipment by customizing it or you can simply bring along your baked products and park your food trucks on the streets and near offices.

Home bakery

If you are not ready to renting or purchase large-scale equipment, then starting a bakery from home can be a great alternative.  You’ll need less money to get started, and you’ll be able to sell your products online and at local markets. You could even be able to work out a contract with local coffee shops or cafes.

Bakery Cafe

Bakery Cafes require renting a commercial facility in a busy area. You will also need to hire bakers and maintenance staff that can add up to your expenses. These bakeries usually offer quality products and recruit experienced employees.

Choosing the Right Location

Discovering a commercial real estate agent who specializes in finding business spaces for buy or rent might make your hunt a lot easier if you’re creating a physical presence. You’ll want to make sure your agent has a lot of expertise in the town you’re interested in. You should also obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) and other legal agreement from the property owner stating that he has no objections to his property being used for commercial purposes related to food industry. Also, make sure that the area has an adequate water supply and drainage system.

Purchasing Bakery Equipment

You’ll need commercial-grade bakery equipment to help you crank out all those baked goods. You can also save money by purchasing used bakery equipment because operating a bakery requires modern equipment to improve efficiency. Below is a list of equipment you will need for your bakery business:

List of Baking Equipment:

  1. Aprons, Gloves and Hairnets
  2. Refrigerator and freezer
  3. Air-tight storage boxes
  4. Choppers
  5. Slicers
  6. Turn Over Machine
  7. Cake Decor accessories.
  8. Ovens
  9. Mixers
  10. Pans
  11. Packaging Bags

Get the Required Licenses

It is advisable to obtain all necessary permissions prior to opening a bakery.

FSSAI License

To obtain this license you can apply on the government’s website (www.fssai.gov.in). You can also get this done through a variety of firms for roughly 5,000 INR, which includes all paperwork and a license cost. The FSSAI permits for a five-year tenure cost 15,000 INR. With this you can avoid annual renewal expenses, it is recommended that you obtain a five-year food license.

Health License

Health license can be obtained from the Municipal Health Inspector. It certifies that your company follows all of the Health Department’s health-related regulations. Getting this license can cost you around 2,000 to 3,000 INR.

Fire License

The Fire Department will issue you a Fire NOC after everything is in place. Once your fire extinguisher cylinders are all in place, you can obtain a fire license for a nominal charge. This one can cost you around 1,000 to 2,000 INR.

GST Registration

Every bakery deals with readymade food products, thus they must pay tax on their goods and services, which necessitates GST registration.

GST is taxed 12% on bakery items and branded snacks while other commodities such as bread are taxed at 0%, pastries/cakes are taxed at 18%, and so on. The food GST rates vary depending on the item. As a result, the final payment is based on the total value of items purchased.

Trademark Registration

Your bakery’s logo must be registered in order for it to have a distinct identity.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Bakery in India?

The cost estimates for starting a bakery in a commercial location look like this:


Rent in a respectable region might range from 20,000 to 40,000 INR per month, depending on the area covered by the business. 


Bakeries require a variety of tools, including  ovens, processors, grinders, and more. These might cost anything between 5,000 and 1,00,000 INR.

Billing and POS System

For any bakery to function, a POS (Point of Sale) billing system is required. A good unit might cost anything between 10,000 and 50,000 INR. A bakery billing software or a bakery POS software will also be required and it should cost you around 7000-15000 INR depending upon the features that you require.


You might require five to ten people to run a decent-sized bakery. Their monthly salary and other related expenses might reach 1,00,000 INR.


Permits and licenses might cost up to 20,000 to 30,000 INR in total. These costs are roughly estimated considering the mandatory requirements for opening a bakery business. Costs may increase in case you add other expenses like a marketing plan and more.  

Preparing Display Area

To draw more customers, the bakery’s display area should be well planned and made in such a way that every item is visible. The display room must have a display rack and adequate storage for the products to showcase in the most effective way.
Find a way to make a freshly baked cookie smell waft into the foyer of your bakery. On your display shelf, place your most exquisite baked goods at eye level.

Marketing for Your Bakery

Marketing is critical to the success of any business. Hire a professional designer to create a well-designed logo and display board. Aside from fliers, consider investing in a display board to draw in clients. Printing attractive pamphlets, social media activities, interesting packaging, creative product names are a few areas to help you start planning your bakery’s marketing. This will not only assist you in developing your own distinct identity, but it will also assist you in branding and marketing. 

Selecting Product Pricing

To figure out how much to charge for your products, you’ll need to first figure out your monthly business operating expenditures. Keep in mind your business expenses, operating costs, taxes, and marketing costs. This will assist you in determining how much money you’ll need to meet your complete operating costs. You’ll be able to come up with pricing once you’ve determined your breakeven point and production costs per baked food. After that, you may figure out how much profit you want to make and add it to the price of each product you offer.

Installing a POS Software

These are modern times and a reliable POS software like Billberry is now the only software you need to manage your entire restaurant operations. If you’re buying one for your bakery, make sure it has tools like inventory management monitoring because you’ll be restocking items more often. In case you are wondering to acquire a franchise business then you need the best franchise software that would help you maintain all your bakery business operations seamlessly. 

Funding for Bakery

Consider taking a business loan to help you fund your new bakery because opening a bakery business can be expensive and not everybody can afford it. Also, it might be difficult to find finance for a new firm. Choose a loan with the lowest interest rates and the longest repayment terms possible.

Partnering with Food Delivery Providers

The demand for online food delivery is booming. For a new bakery business, it’s recommended that you register your business with food delivery partners to generate online orders. You will require a restaurant management software that lets you integrate with third party online aggregators. Food delivering players like Swiggy or Zomato are dominating the market and can be utilized to get started. It would help you boost your online presence and generate online orders for your bakery.

Register for Taxes

Learning about various taxes, regulations, and licenses before opening a bakery will save you money and time. Consider consulting a tax professional to make sure you understand your tax obligations and are on schedule to complete the necessary papers on time.

Hiring Manpower

Bakery shops need an expert workforce because both the taste as well as the presentation is essential in the case of baked goods. For a high-end bakery, in most cases, a Head Chef, Helpers, Service Boys, and Cashier are required.

Deciding Staff Uniform

When starting a food business, it’s common to overlook the importance of staff attire. They are, however, necessary because they aid in the delivery of a professional appearance as well as the bakery’s branding. All employees must present themselves as well-dressed and hygienic. 

Bakery Business FAQs

Following is a list of questions that are mostly asked by customers to bakery businesses. Read them carefully and prepare answers accordingly.

  1. What if I need to cancel once I’ve paid?
  2. Do you offer gluten-free options?
  3. Do you have a minimum order?
  4. What type of payments do you accept?
  5. Do you provide Fresh Flowers for decoration?
  6. Do you sell to wholesale clients?
  7. How long can our cake or pastries be left out?
  8. Do you accept a Last minute order in case of emergency?
  9. Do you sell Cake Toppers?
  10. What will happen to our bill if we move venues?
  11. Do you offer classes at your bakery?
  12. Is there a fee if I have to reschedule my wedding or celebration because of Covid?


To summarize, if you are enthusiastic about baking and want to build a brand around it, opening a bakery is a terrific choice. Your business can take off if you carefully follow above-stated steps.


Billberry, the industry leading restaurant management system invites you to the Khadhya Khurak Exhibition 2021. In its 17 years of existence, Khadya Khurak has built a reputation for itself, garnering over a million visitors. At the exhibition, over 5,000 brands have showcased their products. It has also received support from regulatory bodies such as the FSSAI and Govt. of Gujarat. The benefits of adopting Indian-made products are becoming increasingly well-known. Through its Food of India initiative, the Khadhya Khurak Exhibition leads the drive to assist our Indian businessmen in expanding their global footprints. Let us all work together to make this movement a huge success!

Khadhya Khurak History

Khadhya Khurak was founded in 2000 as a Gujarati publication by Shri Prakash Mehta, a well-known personality in the food processing industry. The goal was to raise awareness among the food industry’s business leaders. The organisation launched its Hindi Edition in 2006, named ‘Khurak,’ to reach out to readers across India. From the beginning, the magazine received a large number of subscriptions from businessmen in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra.

By integrating powerhouses from the food business, the Khadhya Khurak exposition developed exponentially every year. Shri Himachal Mehta launched the English edition “Food In Toto” in 2010 after seven successful exhibitions to bring insights to Indian businessmen in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Himachal Mehta had implemented “Food of India” in 2019, a digital platform to support and encourage the Food Processing and other affiliated industries, in keeping with Shri Prakash Mehta’s vision of showcasing the prowess of the Indian Food Industry and our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of having Digital India.

Billberry at Khadhya Khurak 2021


Billberry, a POS software for food businesses is pleased to be a part of the Khadhya Khurak Exibition 2021. We are ecstatic to demonstrate our franchise management system and POS solution, which will assist you in improving the efficiency of your restaurant operations.
Moreover, Billberry is a Franchise management system and centralized POS solution by Accrete InfoSolution Technologies LLP. It’s a one-stop solution for restaurants, QSR, cafes, sweet shops, ice cream parlours, and more. Wave goodbye to production management, procurement management, inventory management, supply chain management, customer engagements, and other horrors. Through centralised control, you can stay focused on the most important aspects of your business. Our system will establish the best standard business processes to assist you in scaling and growing in a consistent manner.

Advantages of Exhibiting at Khadhya Khurak Exhibition


Khadhya Khurak gives an excellent platform for networking opportunities. The exhibition gives participants a lot of recognition. Many food-related businesses join this exhibition to display their newest equipment, products, and services. Below provided is the list of advantages that participants can avail by participating in the exhibition.

1. Exhibiting at Khadhya Khurak 2021 is a great method to improve your brand recognition. You can also look for other advertising alternatives in addition to acquiring a booth at exhibition.

2. Khadhya Khurak lets you meet potential clients face to face which is an excellent method to begin developing relationships.

3. This exhibition is a fantastic way to meet new customers, suppliers, and learn more about your competitors and their strategies. Making a list of what your competitors have to offer will help you stand out with your products and services.

4. This exhibition provides an excellent venue for launching a new product or service related to food industry. Having able to describe it and answer visitors’ queries in person is fantastic.

Khadhya Khurak Registration

Register online for the exhibition ahead of time to avoid the inconvenience of waiting in line. The online token number entitles you to free admission to India’s largest food industry exhibition. You can also subscribe to khadhya khurak newspaper to stay updated on all the exhibition news.

Global Master Cake Competition Season 2 – Khadhya Khurak 2021

Khimashia publishing, in collaboration with Khadhya Khurak News and Kook with Kaninika, started Global Master Cake Competition, a platform for professional bakers, home bakers, hobbyists, burgeoning talent, sugar artists, pastry artists, chocolate makers, and students to showcase their talent under one roof.

Khadhya Khurak Exhibition 2021 Date

The 18th edition of the eminent event on the food and hospitality industry will start on 19th December 2021 and end on 22nd December 2021.

Khadhya Khurak Gandhinagar Exibition Venue

Exhibition Center,
Helipad Grounds, Gate No. 9
Nr. Udyog Bhavan
Gandhinagar, Gujarat, INDIA.

Top 13 Restaurant Tips for The Year 2022

If you’ve been wanting to open a restaurant for a long time, it is time to sit down and make a strategy for the restaurant business. To assist you in creating a successful restaurant business model, we’ve compiled a list of 13 tips to ensure you have everything you need to launch your restaurant business. Before everything, we recommend you to get a restaurant management system for having a smooth start. Now, let’s move forward.
We have split the list into two categories.

1. Physical Aspects
2. Virtual Aspects


Physical Aspects

1. Pleasing Restaurant Entrance

A restaurant entrance design is the first thing that comes to your customers’ notice while entering the restaurant. It is important to provide a soothing, appealing, and welcoming experience that creates a pleasing aura for the visitors. According to current restaurant business trends, your restaurant’s name or logo must be properly visible and creative enough to stay in your customers’ memory for a long period of time. You can look for restaurant entrance ideas on the internet to stay ahead of the competition. Also, make sure that the entrance perfectly blends with the theme of your restaurant. Even if it requires restaurant renovation, go for it.

2. Unique Restaurant Logo

A restaurant logo helps you create a unique image for your customers and to make them remember your service and food. Image visiting several different restaurants having no name or logo. It will be difficult for you to remember which restaurant served you the best Matar Paneer and which one served you the best Tandoori Chicken. Your logo or brand name plays a huge part in creating a memory in your customer’s head. Your restaurant business structure must consider providing customers with quality service and tasty food is surely going to make you retain your customers for long.

Attracting new customers and turning them into loyal ones is the major restaurant business requirement to become a successful restaurant business. Food business is considered among the most competitive businesses in the market therefore in this continuously evolving and highly competing market it is important to create something unique and exciting at the same time.

Creating a logo that is unique, professional, and memorable is the key. Hiring highly experienced designers to get better restaurant logo ideas is advised to walk a step ahead of your competitors. A solid restaurant logo design and a well-thought-out branding plan may catapult your restaurant business to new heights.

3. Highly Experienced Chef

Along with the best restaurant management software, restaurant chefs with top-notch experience and skills play a vital part in the success of a restaurant business. Serving your customers tasty and satisfying food increases customers’ interest and loyalty side by side. Your restaurant business management should consider the following characteristics while hiring a chef for your restaurant business.

Characteristics of a Skillful Chef

a. Able to Mix and Match Cooking Skills and Knowledge

A professional and experienced chef knows how to imply tested techniques to create the best dishes. Knowing wide number of recipes is appreciated but it is not going to work as long as the chef doesn’t know how to apply them to create mouthwatering dishes for your customers. Therefore, he must be skilled enough to mix and match his cooking knowledge and obtain the optimum results that satisfies the customers to the core.

A restaurant billing software that enables customers to add variations to their favourite dishes also increases customer retention and provides flexibility to the chef of creating new and exciting dishes.  The POS software also helps you with menu engineering to maximize your restaurant’s profits.

b. Enthusiasm of Trying New Things

He should be enthusiastic enough to get out of his comfort zone and try new recipes that are appreciated by the customers rather than sticking to the same defined dishes that are being prepared for a long time. A chef’s daily tasks and routine provides him endless amount of innovative alternative that shouldn’t be overlooked.

c. Working Under Pressure

In the most chaotic environment that a busy restaurant offers, keeping yourself cool is a vital ability. 
What matters is that the chef has measures in place to keep himself focused and calm. While recruiting as an owner, you must ask about how the prospect handles pressure at work to determine if he would be a suitable fit for the challenging role. A skilled chef also knows how to manage other kitchen staff and get along with them because a proficient team saves time and makes it easy to achieve desired results.  

d. Being Passionate

Passion always plays an important role in even the most ordinary tasks. For a chef to be successful, he must be passionate about the profession. Being a chef necessitates a great deal of dedication and hard work. It’s crucial to keep up with the trends by learning new techniques and recipes.

e. Dealing With Criticism

People are going to give their opinions every time and it is not necessary that everyone would provide a positive remark. Even the greatest chefs have faced a lot of criticism but they have used it to hone their skills instead of letting it put them apart. You can’t ignore what others have to say; rather, choose to learn out of it and improve upon it in the future.

f. Willing to Prepare the Best Every time

An experienced chef never misses an opportunity to impress their customers by providing them with the best possible dishes every time they cook. A professional chef takes care of everything, from selecting the finest ingredients to employing the most cutting-edge techniques.

4. Choosing a Proper Color Scheme

A proper color scheme at a restaurant creates a pleasant atmosphere for the customers. Restaurant interior colors with warmer-tone obtained higher satisfaction scores, according to a study on interior colors. It is critical to examine how you want your guests to feel when they dine at your restaurant. The vital ingredients other than the color scheme include setting up perfect music and lighting that enhances customers’ experience and brings a positive effect for your business.

5. Appropriate Lighting

Most restaurants are filled with vibrant colors and bright lighting. Because higher color temperature lighting generates a brighter white light, making everything appear more enticing to the customer’s eye. A recent study discovered that people who ate their meals in brighter lighting ate more food and had a better eating experience. Dimmer restaurant lighting, on the other hand, might produce a more peaceful and serene atmosphere. Finding a happy medium in restaurant lighting can be a major challenge because colors can boost or depress a customer’s interest. Another interesting study on appetite for food found that women’s appetites tended to be lower than men’s when the food was illuminated with blue and green lights. It should be a selection that is made after careful consideration.

6. Play Soothing Music

The restaurant industry has evolved dramatically throughout the years. In this day and age, using a quality restaurant music system is a must because the majority of people who go to a restaurant expect to hear soothing music as they enjoy their meal. Restaurant music that makes customers feel hurried and rushed is never advised, but if your business requires a high turnover to maintain profits, faster-paced music can help you out because studies reveal that people eat faster when they are listening to faster-paced music. The effect you desire on your visitors should influence the tempo of your restaurant music.

7. Right Blend of Tables

I’m sure you’ve had at least one unpleasant dining experience at a restaurant with inadequate tables and uncomfortable chairs. Restaurant furniture layout is vital since every customer wants to sit comfortably while eating their favorite cuisine. As a result, we felt compelled to emphasize the importance of considering a restaurant’s furniture arrangement.

a. Furniture Quality

Purchasing quality restaurant tables and other furniture can increase your restaurant business expenses but always remember that a decent furniture setup is an investment that will pay off in the long run. Avoid using furniture that quickly loses its color or is difficult to clean. The ease with which a piece of furniture can be wiped down or cleaned is a sign of its quality.

b. Furniture Shape and Style

Many restaurants offer two-person tables, which are ideal for couple dining. These tiny tables save space, limit restaurant business costs, and are ideal for adding one or more extensions to accommodate larger gatherings, whereas round tables take up more space but also stimulate conversation among people enhancing the dining experience. 

8. Restroom Maintenance

Customers expect a whole dining experience, including pristine dishes and sanitary facilities. According to studies, more than 80% of customers would avoid eating at a restaurant with a filthy restroom. In public restrooms, cleaning with soaps and detergents without the use of disinfectants can spread bacteria and viruses throughout the facility. Customers frequently assume the cleanliness of the restaurants’ restroom for the cleanliness of the entire restaurant facility. Restaurants that invest in restroom cleanliness will see an abiding return on their investment by improving customer satisfaction.

9. Ventilation System

Maintaining optimum restaurant ventilation is critical for safe food preparation and storage, visitors’ comfort, and the health of employees. Restaurants can be challenging places to work since they are frequently packed with excess smoke, moisture, and heat. Surface contamination of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is also reduced by proper ventilation because virus particles are removed from the air before they can settle on surfaces. Other proper ventilation benefits can be:

Restaurant Ventilation Benefits

a. Keeping It Cool

Restaurant kitchens are hot due to the frequent use of stoves and other cooking equipment. By eliminating heat and pulling in a steady supply of cool air, a proper ventilation system helps provide cooling and lowers the overall kitchen temperature.

b. Improved Air Quality

While cooking, hazardous gases such as carbon monoxide can be produced. A ventilation system can eliminate dangerous gases and improve overall air quality, allowing people to work in a more comfortable atmosphere.

c. Eliminates Odors

Customers may be turned off by the smell of raw materials, ingredients, and prepared food. A properly functioning ventilation system eliminates odors and aids in the creation of a pleasant environment for both customers and employees.

10. Understanding Targeted Customers

Begin by studying your customers for a short period and compiling a methodical customer database. Take notes on how people utilize your services and collect feedback to improve customer experience. Offer your customers a complimentary drink in exchange for completing a quick survey. While observing, make sure you don’t create an uneasy atmosphere for your customers.

Virtual Aspects

11. Creating Your Own Website

Taking your restaurant business online and having a solid web presence is a must in these modern times. Your website can act as a very successful marketing tool providing a variety of advantages. Listed below are a few benefits of having your own website for the restaurant business.

Benefits of Having Your Own Website For Restaurant Business

a. Brand Awareness

The statistics reveal that e-commerce is gaining traction across the globe, with customers making a shift to ordering almost everything online. Having your own website can significantly increase your brand awareness. It also helps you expand your reach to a wider audience.

b. Building Trust

New customers are interested in learning more about your restaurant’s history, specialties, and other information. People can discover more about your company by visiting your website from the comfort of their homes.

c. Easy Contact and Support

A website allows clients to easily contact you, place orders online, and receive immediate service.

d. Online Selling

Create a virtual store as an alternative to the storefront to provide your loyal customers with comfort and ease. It is also a great opportunity to increase your sales since your audience got much wider. 

e. Share Latest Offers and News

You may keep your website up to date whenever there are any new offerings or changes in your restaurant’s operations. Customers enjoy it when you provide them with timely information.

f. Understanding Your Customers

Your website helps you gather information about your customers’ tastes and preferences which you can later use to provide them with their exact desires and need.

g. Blog Posting

Capture people’s attention by sharing relevant and entertaining material surrounding your business on a frequent basis. You can explore and cover a wide range of topics to ensure that you appear in your clients’ feeds on a regular basis.

h. More Options to Connect

Providing customers with more options is always appreciated. Customers have greater freedom and interaction with your business when they have multiple ways to connect, which is extremely vital in today’s world.

12. Promoting On Social Media Platforms

Social media has grown like crazy in the past few years. Everybody has a cellphone in their hand having at least 3 social media applications on their device that take up most of their time throughout a day. With time social media has gotten it’s grip on the commercial sector too. People have figured out that it can be a great tool for marketing their product or service considering a large amount of increase in the number of people on social media platforms every day. Social media marketing activities are proved to have a positive influence on customer loyalty and become influential to the point where almost every business is planning around it in order to maximize their gains through it.

13. Use The Right POS System

With the surge in restaurant business opportunities lately, restaurants require POS software that can assist in overcoming obstacles mostly because they confront distinct operational issues than other related businesses. Billberry POS system is also a software for inventory management helping employees perform their tasks and responsibilities efficiently, so that they can deliver a finer experience to customers, resulting in more sales. A restaurant POS is specifically developed to assist in the effective operation of the business. In case you decide to own a franchise from a well established brand then you would require the best franchise software to manage all your operations.


The steps stated above will assist you in successfully running your restaurant. Keep an eye on your employees’ well-being and give them with required training. It will aid in the expansion of your company over time. Also, try seeing your restaurant through the eyes of a customer. This will provide you with a fresh perspective and help you better understand your restaurant business.

Best Features of Franchise Management Solution


Running a successful food franchise business is no easy thing. But at the same time, it can be a massive opportunity. To put things into a better perspective, the franchise industry generates more than $2.1 trillion each year. During this hard covid impact it is more important to revise & fine tune your business processes with right franchise management techniques and the best franchise management software.

According to the International Franchise Association, almost 5% of all small businesses in the US are part of some franchise. Furthermore, there are over 900,000 franchise businesses across the country that employ over 18 million people.

However, there are as many new franchise businesses as there are those that close shop permanently. There can be various reasons why some franchise businesses thrive, and others fail. Having the right restaurant management system to manage multi store food franchise business is surely going to be one option that aids to the success of the food franchise business.

The one thing that stands as a common denominator for all successful franchise businesses is a great franchise management solution. According to a survey run by the International Franchise Association, more than two-thirds of all surveyed franchise businesses said that they couldn’t be as efficient as they were without their software management solution.

In that survey, they have listed some of the best features of the franchise management solution they are using. Here they are:

Centralized Control

This feature enables you to always be on top of things and have all data easily accessed. It is the core feature of many franchise management solutions out there. Ideally, it integrates data from all outlets, branches, and territories.

Plus, the data is presented in a way that you can easily recognize trends, patterns, and performances. The best solutions have a centralized control that features a user-friendly UI. That’s not all; it also covers all business processes related to your franchise business.

Workflow Optimization

This is all about being able to analyze the process and optimize it. Every top-rated restaurant management software is built on the premise of continuous improvement. A big part of workflow optimization is workflow automation. That way, it is possible to convert some of the repetitive workloads into free-running operations for increased efficiency. By doing so, the user can spend less time on repetitive work and focus on other, more critical aspects of the business. 

Inventory Management

All the best software management solutions offer excellent inventory management that can automate ordering, tracking, supply, and storing inventory. That way, all of your franchisees are always well-supplied, you can keep track of their performances, and you can make supply plans. Logistic play a big part in every franchise business. The better this feature, the easier it gets to optimize your supply chain, all goes smoothly, and most important of all, uninterrupted.


Integration can additionally help optimize your workflow, smarter use of available data, increased BI, and so on. The list of benefits can be quite extensive and can vary from case to case.

Cloud integration is also recommended. That way, your franchisees can also have access to some of the features and data. As a result, they can also take advantage of that to improve their internal processes and workflow.

Once everything is in the cloud, they can access it easier from any place or device.


Nothing will matter much if your franchise management solution doesn’t come with good reporting. Reports can and should bring you insights into how each franchise outlet is doing, are they lagging in some area, how are their sales, revenue, customer lows and highs, and so on. Thus, reports from your point of sale software provided by your franchise management system must be accurate and reliable.

The reporting tool should be easy to use and very comprehendible on both sides, the side that makes the report, and the end-user. At the same time, it needs to contain top data and metrics. All of which are essential in making business decisions that will help you run a profitable franchise business.

Based on those reports, franchise owners and managers can analyze key metrics, and send recommendations to their franchisees.

Analytic Tools

Thorough reports and the metrics derived from there can be of great help. However, sometimes we can’t see the entire picture from all that data. That is when the analytics tools come in place. They can reveal something that went under the radar, yet it can be a game-changer or a hint to some new trend. Sometimes it can be a positive trend, other times a negative trend.

But in any case, it will help you be ahead of the curve and prepare a strategy that addresses the issue promptly. To that end, many franchise software management tools leverage powerful BI and AI algorithms. 

In Conclusion Franchise Management Solution

All of the features above are designed to help you reach new goals and make better business decisions. But even the most powerful features won’t be worth much to you unless you put your heart and mind in it. It is only when you combine your business intelligence with the power of the software solution when the best results are achieved. 

Billberry POS system is a power packed franchise management solution platform where we provide custom solution as per customer’s needs. If you like this article, please share to others for Affordable Franchises Management Solution.